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Welcome to TUBE Industries

Hello! Tube Be Continued is a VR hamster puzzle game which will put you to work in a world of hamsters, where the BOSS hamster needs your help in solving a variety of tube maze puzzles! Are you up for the challenge?

There are always openings for hard-working humans at TUBE Industries: a hamster owned and operated tube puzzle emporium!

Prepare for a tube-based, puzzle-filled, HAM-PACKED adventure with our charismatic leader: The BOSS. Here at TUBE Industries we provide the puzzles and you provide… the brains. No shady business here!

TUBE-Based Benefits:

  • 60 levels across 2 themed floors: Hamster Hangout, Smart Home Slide, & Bakery Blitz!
  • Customize your hamster’s appearance!
  • Classic and slide-based tube puzzles!
  • Numerous Mini-Puzzles including our new hamster cannon!
  • Chat with the BOSS and help him deal with important “business decisions”!
  • Relaxed-pace gameplay with no time pressure.
  • Supports seated, standing, or room scale play.

Your destination for TUBE-Based entertainment awaits!



P.S. We pay handsomely in delicious seeds.

Available Now For Quest 2

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Screenshots below
Move tubes with the tube remote Now entering Tube Industries Help your hamster navigate the tubes Meet the BOSS hamster Grab and rearrange tubes